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Thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies? It always seemed to be complicated? We understand. helloCoin! is the best & safest way to start investing in digital currency portfolios. Choose one of our coin collections, get started in minutes and join the financial revolution!

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If you haven’t dipped your toes in the cryptocurrency waters yet, now’s the time to take the plunge! While the prices are down, it's a great time to buy the dip. It’s not too late to earn a potentially life-changing wealth as forecasts predict market all-time-high (ATH) in 2018. 🚀

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Most coins today will not survive as technological progress will render many early attempts obsolete. Cryptocurrency as an asset class however certainly has a bright future! Investing in a portfolio instead of a single coin reduces your risk and protects your investment. 📊

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Why choose helloCoin?

So many reasons! We are easy to understand, friendly, fast & secure. We at helloCoin! are officially licensed to exchange fiat currency (EUR, USD, etc.) to digital currencies, so we're safe and legal. helloCoin! simplifies both the technical and financial process for you.
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Portfolio: Asian Spaceship
Invested: $500
Buy date: 2018.03.12.
Matt B. — College Student

“I’m playing the long game with cryptocurrencies: I'm investing smaller amounts more frequently. Little streams make great rivers! I choose this portfolio because I believe Asia will be the Silicon Valley for crypto. I expect at least 400% return when I graduate! 🎓”

Portfolio: Essentials
Invested: $1 000
Buy date: 2018.04.08.
Melissa W. — Executive assistant

“I wanted to invest in bitcoin when I first heard about it in the news! The whole thing seemed too complicated and time consuming for me sadly. helloCoin! was welcoming from the start, so I gave it a try and BAM! The process was super fun, easy & logical. So yeah, I’m a crypto investor now!! 🤩”

Portfolio: Highroller
Invested: $15 000
Buy date: 2018.04.23.
Gianlucca S. — Senior Manager

“I’ve made various profitable investment over the past years: stocks, bonds, real estate, forex. In my opinion, today, having a cryptocurrency portfolio is a must-have! I invested only 10% of my funds in helloCoin’s “Highroller” portfolio yet I’m expecting more return-on-investment from it than all the rest - combined! 💰”

Portfolio: Fintech 4.0
Invested: $2 000
Buy date: 2018.04.14.
Alex C. — Logistics Manager

“I’m confident that banks and financial institutions will heavily rely on blockchain technologies shortly. Look, it’s inevitable. This is why helloCoin’s “Fintech 4.0” portfolio is perfectly representing my investment philosophy. Thank you for saving me so much time putting this together!” 👨‍💻

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We’ve partnered up with the best companies and choose the safest legislative location making sure you don’t have to worry about hacks & theft. You’re in good hands!

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If you invested $10 000 USD one year ago in our The Essentials portfolio, you would have had $19 000 one year later!
That’s a 90% ROI, $9 000 profit! 👈

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