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About Us

We founded helloCoin! to build a better cryptocurrency service for the world. A service that many people needed but did not exist before somehow. helloCoin! is the first actually user friendly service to start a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio easily.

Our most important goal was that you always feel safe, secure and in control using our service - even if this is your very first step into the cryptocurrency world! Welcome! 💝


Tivadar founded several successful B2C businesses as a serial entrepreneur before the idea of helloCoin! As a keynote speaker, business mentor and university lecturer he’s a devoted advocate of entrepreneurship. He began his career with the European Commission as an internal consultant – his deep understanding of the European regulatory framework regarding cryptocurrencies come from this experience.

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Gergo is a brilliant full stack software architect, IT security specialist and crypto enthusiast. He is a skilled team leader who hired and coached many developers over the years. He has extensive experience in designing and operating highly scalable financial backends & systems.

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Balint CSAK, Lead Developer

Balint is our first hire and for a good reason: we believe the product can be as good as the team making it. And Balint is great! As a full stack developer, he practices lean development, extreme programming, test-driven development, pair programming, and continuous integration & delivery. His technology stack includes Go, Node.js, TypeScript, React & AWS products.

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We all believe that the benefits of owning and investing in cryptocurrencies do not only belong to the lucky 0.1% who were early & tech savvy enough to join and profit from this revolution from the start. Ourselves we entered the cryptocurrency space in 2013 and believe in the blockchain transformation since then.

About the company - helloCoin OÜ

We chose Estonia to incorporate our company after careful research. This small but forward-thinking European country understands that cryptocurrencies are the inevitable future of money, so we set up helloCoin OÜ here to eliminate the risk of a restrictive legislative environment.

We’ve obtained the official, state-issued licenses to operate exchange and store cryptocurrencies for our users.

  • License for exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency: FRK00177
  • License for virtual currency wallet service: FVR000213
We understand that the cryptocurrency space can be confusing, intimidating & hard to decide who to trust. This why we are as transparent as we can be!

The Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), which is an independent structural unit of the Estonian Police, thoroughly screened our founders’ legal history, the company’s operation, and our AML & KYC policies before issued the permits above. Your investment is in good hands officially!