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How It Works

Step 1
Choose a coin portfolio

We’ve built four cryptocurrency portfolios for you to choose from. Each contains diverse and high-performing coins - so you only need to decide on your investment preference and risk tolerance and pick one!

You don’t have to learn days about the different coins and exchanges to start your cryptocurrency portfolio – we’ve already done the hard work for you! We are connected to the largest exchanges with the best rates and have selected the best possible coin groups for you. ✔️

Step 2
Choose how much you are investing

We’re all here because we believe the whole cryptocurrency market will grow significantly in the future. On our part, we are certain of it. When you invest $ 1 000 and the market doubles, you’ll have $ 2 000. When it triples, $ 3 000 and so on.

However! The golden rule of investing also holds true to cryptocurrencies: never invest money that you can't afford to lose. ❗

Step 3
Pay with credit card or bank transfer

So you picked your portfolio and the amount you’ll invest! Great! It’s time to turn your traditional, fiat money into cryptocurrencies. We made the payment super convenient for you – it’ll be like any other online transaction you had a hundred times before. The only difference is that now you’re investing and not spending your money! 😎

When you hit the BUY button, this will happen:

  • First, we'll search the market for the best available rates for the coins in your portfolio,
  • Then we'll safely transfer your funds into large cryptocurrency exchanges currently with the best rate,
  • Now we’ll divide your funds with eight decimal accuracy into the bits it's needed to buy the coins for your portfolio,
  • After all the transactions took place, we’ll send you the confirmation with the exact amounts you have in each coin.

Step 4
Congratulations, you're all set!

You've just become a cryptocurrency investment portfolio owner! When Bitcoin, or the coins you invested in doubles in price, your portfolio will also double in value. You can cash out anytime according to our ToS. We’ll even send you weekly updates, how’s your portfolio(s) performing and what is our market prognosis to keep you informed. 🚀